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      UPDATE: I have begun again to offer face-to-face counselling together with the online and telephone counselling to potential clients local to Tunbridge Wells or London Bridge.


      I am an experienced and qualified counsellor, registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) offering counselling to young adults, adults and professionals.


      I offer this from my private practice just a few minutes walk from London Bridge Station or in central Tunbridge Wells.


      I also offer counselling online and over the phone.

      I have experience of offering counselling to clients from all walks of life and with a wide range of issues.

      I have also worked in the City as a lawyer for some of the most well known law firms and financial institutions, I am uniquely placed to offer counselling to professionals, having lived and breathed the life of a City lawyer with all its stresses and demands.


      My emphasis is on finding ways to assist clients to feel more genuinely empowered and themselves, in spite of the outwardly successful image they might project. One that from the outside seems perfect but might come at a high inward personal cost.


      This tends towards exploring with and assisting clients to feel more at ease on the inside: replacing perfectionistic or blocked types of thinking or feeling with ones that might feel kinder and good enough. I am open and non-judgemental in my approach.

      Due to my legal and corporate background I am able to empathise and relate to professionals and the mindset and culture of lawyers especially.


      In my experience work can be intellectually and emotionally demanding even for the most capable. Nevertheless, in a growing culture of mental health awareness, showing signs of being imperfect, vulnerable, tired and anxious may still not be acceptable. This can result in high stress, depression, and relationship problems.  

      Feeling isolated, and lacking support or finding it hard to seek support can result in adopting counterproductive coping strategies.

      Professionals may hesitate to seek counselling due to concerns about image. The result is individuals that might feel unmotivated, overworked and unfulfilled but continue to hide this.

      My past work experiences continue to inspire me to think more deeply about what professionals need.

      Experiencing the demands of the legal profession first hand, ultimately lead to a change of career and the establishment of my private practice.


      I offer a highly confidential space, that is private and peaceful, and where my clients can feel supported and gain new perspective on what's really going on for them.

      I work collaboratively and engage with my clients; listening carefully, enquiring, and thinking. Working together, insight is gained into a client's unique situation, where greater awareness and support may bring about changes for the client that feel real and lasting.

      I am empathic, calm and insightful.

      Please feel free to contact me for more information or about an initial consultation.

       I look forward to meeting you.  



      Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

      Member of the Law Society of Scotland

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      "Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes."



      Abuse, addictions, anxiety,  bereavement, chronic fatigue syndrome, bullying, careers, carer

      support, and cancer


      birth and child related issues, depression, divorce and separation, and eating disorders


       fatigue, low self-esteem,

      relationship issues, self-harm, stress, suicidal thoughts, and trauma


      I offer a highly confidential, safe and peaceful space.


      Perhaps you are anxious, or distressed and find yourself repeating behaviours that are harmful yet feel compelled to do.


      You may have thoughts constantly going round in your head, and yet feel unable to share this with even your work colleagues, closest family or friends.


      Speaking out loud, perhaps for the first time, about how you feel can be therapeutic.


      Please feel free to call or email me for an initial discussion or to arrange an appointment.

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      If you require immediate support please contact the Samaritans on

      116 123 open 24/7