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Work Balance Sessions

Based on my experience as both a lawyer and therapist, I provide a safe, supportive and uniquely focussed space to look at how clients can gain balance at work. Becoming aware of the underlying more deep-rooted reasons for stress or anxiety at work and gaining insight can enable lasting change so clients can feel more in control, in balance and empowered.


Areas we can work on could include boundary setting, unconscious beliefs of not feeling they are enough, perfectionism and anxiety, defences that keep clients unknowingly stuck in unconscious relationship patterns that are reenacted even through work relationships.

Clients can use the space in an intensive or more open capacity for a set or open amount of weekly sessions.

For certain professions such as in the law, the sessions may possibly be used as part of the reflective practice requirements of the professional's regulating body.

MBACP Accred.

BACP Registered Member 380211

Member of the Law Society of Scotland

LLB (Hons)

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