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Emilia really helped me to work through the challenges that I was facing and to effect a genuine change in my life. She came to grips with my situation really quickly and I felt that she truly understood me and could help me right from the beginning. The environment Emilia creates is very safe and supportive, which makes it easier to work through difficult problems. With Emilia's help, I was able to better understand how past events have shaped me and my view of the world, and work through to a place where I am much happier as a person and confident about my life moving forwards.
What Clients Say

Emilia provided a compassionate and supportive space for me to explore the journey of my life and to work through previous traumas. I felt she was invested in me, really understanding and listening to me. Not only was Emilia kind and empathic but she also offered a wealth of knowledge which allowed me to better understand previous events. Emilia helped me form the tools to put in place boundaries to help me become a happier and more confident person. She was wonderful to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others.

Emilia is a skilled therapist. She is empathic and caring and supported me to make sense of a number of difficulties. She is very patient too, which allowed me to become more vulnerable - something I've found difficult as a male, and with other therapists. I think most importantly I enjoyed the time I shared with Emilia and wish her the best in and out of the therapy room.
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